Are we the turning point generation?

Chude Jideonwo visits Classic 97.3 fm May 27, 2014



On the media tour publicising his book, the new author Chude Jideonwo visited the beautiful classic fm studio and featured on the “Drive-Time” show with “Chico”.

The author and the well read presenter “Chico” delved right on int conversations of the what Nigeria once was, their conversation was built on the renditions of Chinua Achebes’ book “There was a country”.


From an image of the past to the canvas that this generation holds for the future the author said ” We have a deep pessimism about the future, this is a country that eats it young alive you know… I don’t believe in lying about my country, confronting facts and reakity is what we can do, however, hope is our last stand.”



The presenter ask the author the question itself “Are we the turning point generation?”, To which the author answered, we could be, we can be, we should be and we will be. That is the only choice we have knowing we have no where else to go”.



Chude Jideonwo visits Classic 97.3 fm

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Are We The Turning Point Generation