Are we the turning point generation?

May 17, 2014

Chude represents what I proudly refer to as my mentors from a younger generation. I smile when they refer to me as their mentor for if only they really understand that in this fast moving, tech savvy, innovation laden world we live in today, my age mates are the mentees and the Chudes the mentors. However mentors are not merely called so by dint of age but moreso by virtue of character. It is a mentor that sees the world around them and not seeking self acclamation or positioning for recognition from peers and others, sets about doing what is right, because it is right. A mentor, is noticed by those who yearn to do what he or she does but knows they are unable to find the guts or wherewithal to do it, regardless of how much it is admired. Mentors inspire lesser mortals to be greater than they imagine themselves to be and they do so very often without recognizing that trait in themselves.

Much can be said about mentors and it is in Chude that one finds a practical expression of who a real mentor is. Here is a young man that embodies the hope and pride that is all that Nigeria can and will be. A patriot, a warrior, an entreprenuer, a leader, a friend and an ally. I could never have asked for a better mentor than Chude is and his book is just one of those vehicles that is set to make me a better Nigerian and Nigeria a better nation. Well done mentor. Really proud of you.


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Chude Jideonwo

Named by Forbes as one of Africa’s 30 best entrepreneurs under 30, Chude Jideonwo’s career is centred on using the media as an active tool to galvanise a generation of Africans to action. He is Managing Partner of RedMedia Africa, owners of The Future Africa Awards Africa & Summit, Y! Africa, and; and founding Executive Director of The Future Project, which empowers young people across Africa through leadership and enterprise. In 2010, he convened friends and colleagues to hold the historic EnoughisEnough protests and co-founded EnoughisEnough Nigeria, which has become the country’s foremost good governance group for young Nigerians. A lawyer and award-winning journalist, he has a Master’s Degree in Media and Communication from the Pan-African University. He is a Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum and sits on the boards of the Oando Foundation and Micosoft4Afrika.

May 17, 2014